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Je cristallise l'éphémère pour m'enivrer de sa fragrance

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  1. Thought it wouldn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

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    Do you have a flyer for your Christmas Fair …. I have several friends who may be interested .. also I belong to a few groups and organizations with like-minded members who would be keen to know about you and the fair. thanks ,Sandra

  3. As I was saying on my blog: try the open events such as Parlandopark and lauter niemand in Berlin. Also, go to readings of other writers and start talking to them (that's what I did when I came to Berlin). Send your stuff to magazines and competitions. Those are a few valid options, I guess. Last but not least: start a blog!! 🙂

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    I would really like to have my dogs be able to ride in my go kart with me – not fast of course – but in there while it’s rumbling none the less. It’s not just the sound that they need to be desensitized to either but also the vibration. Are there any trainers or people that know more about this?

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    Tens rao, el que s’hauria de fer es un pla de bicicarrils. Barcelona es una ciutat ideal per fer una xarxa de bicicarrils completa i perfecta (almenys a l’eixample) i no es fa peruqe no hi ha ous.

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