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Je cristallise l'éphémère pour m'enivrer de sa fragrance

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  1. Oscar 2011 en Notas de Cine | Mejor Película | Mejor Director | Mejor Actor | Mejor Actriz | Mejor Actor Secundario | Mejor Actriz Secundaria | Tags: 127 horas, Biutiful, colin-firth, El

  2. …la legge ..lo permette…di ”dosare”(somministrare) anche cose puzzolenti ed insulze..basta che unga e puoi chiamarlo ”EXTRA”o comunque ”D’OLIVA”..,partendo quindi dalla stessa drupa del ”povero onesto produttore”..

  3. congrats on baby # 6. just started tikhinng today how nice it would be to have another one myself. would be nice if it was a boy too. have all girls (4). i think my husband about fainted when i mentioned having another one. he loves my girls and kids too, but my pregnancies are hard. i get terrible morning sickness to the point of having to take meds and sometimes getting rehydrated via iv. praying all goes well for you.

  4. Mince, il n’était pas prévu que le phasme retombe sur une échelle !Reprenons : Et si vous croyez que l’insecte va laisser passer ce vendredi sans dénoncer le patron de presse qui * une brillante journaliste-reporter, en toute impunité, vous vous enfoncez le majeur dans l’oeil jusqu’au coude…

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  6. I agree, though those are two separate issues. The whole concept of simply snagging a fish is bad enough — I think we can all agree that’s not actually fishing — but to then drag them through the water by their jaw. Incredible douchbaggery. Incredible!Anyways, thanks for the comment. I’ll count you in on operation “Quick Release”.

  7. TO: NJArtistRE: Q&A »Why should a straight, male artist, let alone any man, support with time and money such institutions? » — NJArtistI’m not an artist—except in the sense of Sun Tzu—so I can’t speak to the question from that perspective.Regards,Chuck(le)[It is good that war is so horrible, lest we become too fond of it. — General Robert E. Lee]

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